Product Spotlight – Carhartt Mid-Weight Washed Duck Jacket

A limited edition jacket for this fall, the Mid-Weight Carhartt Washed Duck Jacket (100733) with quilted-nylon lining is what we consider to be the perfect <a

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Yeti Cooler Ice Test

Just about everyone knows about Yeti Cooler’s “Grizzly-Proof” durability, but there is often debate about how well it can maintain cold enough temperatures to keep ice. So we decided to do a test to see how it would hold up again the most extreme conditions.

We left four different

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How To Select Carhartt Short Lengths

When trying on shorts, it’s easy to figure out how long you want them, but buying online is a different story. We give as much information as possible to help you make the best choice but that information doesn’t always translate into a good visual, which can

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How to Clean Your Yeti Cooler

How Dirty is your Yeti?

Dirty: For general cleaning we recommend using soap and warm water to clean the inside of the cooler. Be sure to get in the corners, near the drain plug and the seals at the top of the cooler. Pretty Dirty: For a more thorough cleansing and problems with

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