Hard Work, Chores Pay Off For Kids

child in Carhartt doing chores on the farm

It’s a common joke in rural America that farming families produce such large households so they eventually have more helping hands in the fields. True or not, anyone who grew up on a farm will tell you there was always plenty of work to go around. Not surprisingly

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5 Types of Dogs That Work Just as Hard as Humans

National Dog Day is August 26, making this the perfect time to celebrate dogs that work just as hard as (if not harder than) humans. Dogs can be more than just man’s best friend; they play many important roles in our lives from helping veterans cope with post-traumatic

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Yeti Ice

Yeti Coolers are known for keeping food and drink as cold as science allows but now you can keep things cool even longer with Yeti Ice. These amazing ice packs can be used with conventional ice to keep the ice from melting as quickly or by themselves to avoid leaks and

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