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Merrell footwear’s patented technologies are just what you need to keep you warm, dry and on the move. Having trouble figuring out just what you’ll need in your footwear? Here is a breakdown of each feature to help you decide.


M-SelectDryM-Select DRY: Everyday waterproof footwear designed to keep you dry, M-Select DRY is just what you need for wet-weather protection.


GORE-TEXGORE-TEX®: GORE-TEX technology makes your shoes and boots both extremely waterproof and breathable. Allowing moisture to escape while keeping water out, GORE-TEX linings keep your keep dry and comfortable all day long.


M-SelectWarmM-Select WARM: M-Select WARM is able to keep you warm without the bulk with insulation that creates reflective, micro-spaces that trap your body heat. Choose M-Select WARM footwear and get out this winter.



M-SelectFRESHM-Select FRESH: Using natural enzymes, M-Select Fresh breaks down perspiration and eliminates sweat and odor-causing bacteria, keeping you smelling fresh.


VeganFriendlyVegan Friendly: Made with the same durability, traction and support that you have come to expect from Merrell, their vegan-friendly footwear is made of 100% synthetic material.


VentilatedVentilated: Merrell’s ventilated footwear features vented mesh fabric that allows air flow to your body and wicks away moisture. This footwear keeps you both cool and dry and hot hikes.



M-SelectGripM-Select GRIP: With a tear resistant outsole, self-cleaning lug design and angled lugs that cut through terrain, M-Select GRIP delivers highly slip-resistant stability and traction on both wet and dry surfaces


VibramVibram: Vibram soles not only deliver high-traction, slip-resistant grip, but they also stand up to the wear and tear rough terrain puts on your shoes.



m-boundM-Bound:®M-Bound cushioning triggers an accelerated response time that enhances stability and agility by providing immediate feedback from the ground to the foot.


BackpackingGradeBackpacking Grade: Merrell’s Backpacking Grade footwear is designed specifically with backpackers in mind. This footwear gives you the support and comfort you need for the long haul.



Drop: The drop is the difference in the height of the toe and the height of the heel. This measurement is often very important to runners because it has a large affect on the way your foot hits the ground. With a small drop, you are more likely to strike the ground with you forefoot or midfoot, while with a large drop you are more likely to strike the ground with your heel.
Stack Height: The stack height is the amount of material between your foot and the ground. With the minimalist trend, many people have started to prefer a smaller stack height but Merrell still has a variety to accommodate everybody needs.


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