New Carhartt Maddock Pocket Tee

Not every new product warrants its own post, but with the popularity of Carhartt pocket tees, we felt this one did. You’ll notice some striking similarities between the 101125 Maddock Pocket Tee and the K87 Pocket Tee, but there are also a few key differences. If you are a visual person, just skip to the graphic below.
1: Shoulder Seams
The shoulder seams on the new Maddock are rolled forward while the K87 seams sit right on top of the shoulder. Rolling them forward should enhance comfort a little bit.
2: Logo Placement
The K87 and most of Carhartt’s other pocket tees historically have had the logo right in the middle of the pocket. With the Maddock, it is in the upper left hand corner. No functionality difference, so it’s really just up to your preference.
3: Fabric Weight
Probably the biggest difference factor is the fabric weight, which at 5 ounces is a bit lighter than the 6.75 ounces of the K87. Not to worry, we were concerned that it might be a little too light for our hard-working customers, so we tried it out. It’s definitely lighter, but appears to still be a very durable weight that we think most will be pleased.
Bottom Line
This by no means will be replacing the K87, but if you really like the idea of a lighter-weight shirt that is still just as durable, you may want to give the Maddock a test run.

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