How to Achieve a Military Shine on your Boots

Here is the best way we have found to achieve a military shine on your boots that everyone tries to perfect in three easy steps!

Items you will need to complete this process:

  • Tin of wax-based Kiwi Shoe polish
  • Old dusting cloth you don’t mind getting dirty
  • 1 soft bristle brush
  • 1 hard bristle brush
  • Bowl of water

Things to steer away from:

  • Do not use alcohol as it could strip away any finish your boot may already has.
  • Avoid using Kiwi Parade Gloss as the silicone in the wax will create large, deep scratches in the polish if and when you scuff your shoe

Step 1
Remove all dirt and debris from the boot. Be sure to get all of the little cracks and crevasses on your boot including the stitches and laces.

Step 2
Take your dusting cloth and wrap it firmly around your finger dipping it into the Kiwi wax polish getting a generous amount. Start covering your boots by getting all of the stitches and crevasses first so that you don’t miss any detail. After finishing all of the hard spots, begin covering the rest of your boot until a faint shine starts to show.

Step 3
Once the faint shine comes through and the polish has been worked into the boot, take the other end of your cloth and dip it into your bowl of water and then begin wiping down the boot in a circular motion. Continue to do this until the circles in your polish start to disappear. Let dry and repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have your desired shine.

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